Welcome to the Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario (FVGO) Web Site

The FVGO is a not for profit organization representing all fresh market vegetables grown in Ontario with the exceptions of asparagus, garlic, potatoes, rutabagas, greenhouse and processing vegetables as they are covered by grower organizations. The FVGO is a new organization, having been formed in 2005.

Vegetable Facts


[Cabbage photo]

Cabbage is a hardy vegetable that is available in various shades of green, as well as red or purple varieties.

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Roasted Tomatoes

[Roasted Tomatoes photo]

Combine tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and more to make the perfect tomato puree base.

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Kid’s zone

[carrot line drawing]


Check out the VeggieMania dream team made up of vegetables grown right here in Ontario. Characters like Boxer Brad, the Broccoli or Karate Chloe, the Carrot will show you how vegetables keep you healthy.